Nexus 9 4G LTE is now available

The Nexus 9 has debuted on the market last month, but so far only the variant featuring WiFi has been available. Now it has changed and it has just joined him model with 4G LTE connectivity, which you can buy for about 600 dollars.

If you’re going to make a good-quality tablet with good display and decent technical specs, you should consider Nexus 9. It is currently one of the more powerful devices on the market, which owes its high performance to the 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1. Up to this, there is still 2 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera on the back of 1080p video recording and a 1.6 megapixel front camera recording 720p video.

This tablet made by HTC also features a 8.9-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels, with a pixel density of 281 PPI. The configuration is complemented by a huge 6700mAh battery, enough for many hours of operation.

Americans are modernizing fusion bombs

The Americans approved the production of the upgraded B61-12 fusion bomb. This will be the first new construction of this type since the end of the Cold War. The United States intends to modernize its nuclear arsenal and extend the life of its bombs. New models should be available in 2020.

After years of testing, NNSA has agreed to produce new versions of B61-12 fusion bombs. Americans have been using the basic versions of these bombs for quite some time, and upgraded models will use some of the older parts. As the NNSA representatives admit, modernization was necessary because the B61 is already outdated. New bombs are to be much more “intelligent” than predecessors.

This is due to a number of structural changes. The crust of the structure has been changed, and a new guidance system has been added to increase the accuracy of the weapon. The bomb’s flight is to be corrected by using the ailerons in its tail and the GPS system. This is the solution used by Boeing. In the bomb itself we will find a fusion charge, consisting of explosives, uranium, tritium, plutonium and several other elements.

The maximum explosive power of this design is 100 kiloton, but the Americans have decided to limit it to 20 kiloton. It is roughly the same as that of the Nagasaki head during World War II. It is worth mentioning that B61 bombs are part of NATO’s common nuclear arsenal and are in such countries as Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands. These are also the only nuclear-powered structures used by the United States that can be carried by smaller planes.

Military scientists have developed bullet-proof clay

The US Naval Research Laboratory, after a few decades of research, has finally made a breakthrough in the field of new materials useful to the military. They managed to create a synthetic, powdered clay, which produces a transparent, bulletproof material.

Military laboratories have been working on new materials for many years to build even better and stronger armor to protect soldiers from enemy fire.

American naval research laboratories have just achieved a gigantic success in this field. After several decades of development work, they have been able to create a synthetic, powdered clay that, when heated and molded into a mold under total vacuum, turns into a transparent material of exceptional resilience. The material is called Spinel, is much stronger than glass and provides excellent protection in hostile environment, offering high abrasion resistance and erosion caused by sand and rain.

Unlike today’s bulletproof glass made of multiple layers of plastic, Spinel can be freely shaped to fit different devices. Moreover, it does not block infrared light, so it can be used as housing for dron vision systems as well as HEL-MD laser systems. The added advantage of the new material is a much lower mass compared to bulletproof glass.

SpaceX is planning its first launch of its biggest rocket

Converting space to private sector has proved to be a very good idea, as private companies have large financial backing, so development of new vehicles is much faster and some companies have their own vehicles.

One of them is SpaceX, a consortium formed by Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, which manufactures electric cars. Although the company has recently lost one of its ferries at replenishment at the International Space Station, it is not bothered by it and is preparing to launch its first Falcon Heavy launch rocket, the most powerful since Saturn V used by NASA in the 1970s.

Falcon Heavy can carry 55 tons of cargo, more than double that of other missiles such as Delta IV Heavy, European Ariane and Chinese Long March. It is still half the result of Saturn V, but still the weight is impressive.

Even more impressive is the drive required to bring such a colossus into space, which is the equivalent of the full power of the Boeing 747.

Software that will distract telemarketer’s life

Nobody likes to have an impatient telemarketer do not give him peace of mind, calling at various hours and at all costs trying to persuade to buy a product that does not interest us. Roger Anderson of Los Angeles also had enough of them and decided to create a robot that would make telemarketers get away from us very quickly.

The service is called -to-send-your-telemarketers-to-this-robot / Jolly Roger Telephone and is supported by a software bot that keeps a conversation with the telemarketer, wasting his time and making him no longer try to call . Anderson claims that his work, by providing relatively simple answers, is able to sustain the conversation for at least a few minutes before the person on the other side realizes that he is not talking to a human.

The author of the bot experimented with various personalities before deciding that the best would be a man who had just woken up from a nap and often mentions that he must drink coffee and ask the telemarketer to repeat his offer.

The service proved to be a great success, because in just 10 days of its operation, it received over 100,000 calls. As Anderson, who has not expected so much interest, explains that his bot has received calls from telemarketers from Australia, South Africa and the UK.

Now he has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money to build a robot with many different voices (Anderson’s voice is for now) and speaks different languages.

Preliminary production of Tesla 3 will start February 20?

Elon Musk would like to launch Tesla 3 as soon as possible, for which he collected several hundred thousand orders. Reuters claims that the initial production of the new model may begin on February 20.

Tesla hitherto offered cars to more affluent customers, as only well-earned businessmen could afford to buy a car costing $ 100,000. This group of consumers is not big, so Elon Musk has been struggling for a few years to create a more affordable model that will bring the company big profits and hopes to help with this Model 3.

Model 3 is the first Tesla auto electric designed for the mass consumer. This small urban vehicle, which will cost just over $ 30,000, has already attracted a lot of customers. When last year’s subscription to this model was launched, more than 400,000 customers were subscribed.

It is no wonder Elon Musk wants to bring him into the market as soon as possible so that no one of his rivals will come. As reported by Reuters, the pilot production of this model may start on 20 February. This will of course not be the final version of the car, which could hit the salons, because this goal is only to test the production line.

The Japanese are preparing for a new space mission

Asteroids are able to be the real information mines of the universe, so many scientists are working on systems that would allow their samples to be sampled. One such project also deals with the Japanese.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has successfully tested the gun, which is part of the Hayabusa Space Project 2, for rock sampling. The unit installed in Gifu prefecture has just undergone a first test run, and its launch is scheduled for next year.

The project, however, is not intended to break up the asteroid, but to acquire the knowledge of C-type asteroids, which according to scientists contain a high concentration of organic material and are therefore called lifebloods. The aim of the researchers is to take samples from such asteroid for testing. This will be the already mentioned Hayabusa 2 spacecraft, which will be equipped with a special cannon firing metal cylinders – their task is to break openings in the rock, from where they will take the samples needed.

Hayabusa 2 is scheduled for next year. After launching, the ship will head towards the 1999JU3 asteroid, which will arrive in 2018. Upon arriving at the mission’s destination, the vehicle will level up with the asteroid and leave its surface active. After detonating and piercing the rock crust, Hayabusa 2 will be able to collect samples of the material and then deliver it to Earth, which will return around 2020.

Scientists hope that the project will learn a little more about the origin of life on the planets.

Euro NCAP introduces new rules for car testing

Automotive technologies are developing rapidly and cars are beginning to be equipped with increasingly newer safety systems that reduce the risk of accidents. The Euro NCAP organization has therefore developed new vehicle testing principles that incorporate solutions such as pedestrian detection, automatic braking and collision avoidance.

The newer the car becomes, the safer it is for both people and pedestrians. The latest models are already equipped with pedestrian detection and automatic braking systems as well as collision avoidance modules, but the average driver has no idea what their effectiveness is. That is why Euro NCAP specialists have developed new car testing principles that incorporate these technologies.

The Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEB), which prevents collision with pedestrians, will be tested with specially developed tests based on real scenarios in which to use movable mannequins and the entire test will be conducted under controlled conditions.

Testing the reaction of pedestrian vehicles is to be accomplished through three urban scenarios, which often occur in real life. These are: the adult’s entrance to the road in front of the car’s mask, the running of the adult in front of the car’s bonnet, and the child’s exit from the parked car.

For a car to be rated satisfactory, it must avoid collisions at 40 km / h. In the case of a speed of 40 to 60 km / h, the vehicle should automatically slow down to less than 40 km / h in order to reduce pedestrian injuries in the event of a collision.

Euro NCAP representatives will ensure that they will be the first in the world to test autonomous pedestrian life-saving emergency systems, and their performance will be included in next year’s ratings for new vehicle models.

History Of Computers

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NATO days in Ostrava

Last weekend in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, NATO days took place. This is a cyclical event that has taken place since 2001, which attracts lovers of military equipment. For visitors (there were over 200,000), not only static weapons exhibitions were prepared, but also spectacular shows. One of the biggest attractions of this event was the huge American B-52H bomber. The aerial applause of the Red Arrows RAF pilots also aroused public applause. This is the world famous Acrobatic Airborne Corps, whose pilots can do wonders with their machines.

On the NATO days, there is also the equipment of other uniformed services: police, anti-terrorist units, fire brigades, border guards and even emergency services. The Ministry of National Defense, also had its stand, and in the demonstrations was attended by the Commander’s Military Unit from Lubliniec, who together with colleagues from the Czech units demonstrated the rendition of hostages from terrorists.

Admission to all shows and stands during NATO days is free.